Billy’s Prayer


There may be some here who understand this. You may not count me among their number. My confusion is complete and profound and is exceeded only by my sadness.

Must you have taken our brightest star?  Indeed, you have removed the very sun from our world, turning what was once a warm and bright village full of joy into a cold, dark, and barren place? I cannot today understand how the sun will ever shine again, but as sure as Billy lit up the world with his smile and his style, I believe that it will.

We cannot claim to understand this, Father. We can only accept. We must accept. By faith we must accept, and believe that your purpose is not for us to understand, but only to accept by faith. Thy will be done.

Thank you, Father, for the gift you blessed us with, even if for a much shorter time than we would choose. Thank you for the smiles that Billy brought to us, past, present, and future.

Bless us with strength and courage, Father, as we struggle to understand. Bless us with your divine healing and help us to overcome our loss, for the supreme anguish we suffer today is for our mortal selves, as we know that Billy is in a far greater place and that his seat with you in the glorious garden is sublime. As always, Billy has won again.

When choosing your team of angels, Father, it is clear that you know a good one when you see one.

Cousin Tony Blasioli (read at memorial service)

Happy Birthday Billy
Billy Gaines
Feb.17, 1984 - June 18, 2003

Happy Birthday Billy Boy, You lived and loved and gave us Joy. We know you are in a Better Place, We understand about God’s Grace. Yet we are having a hard time moving on with our grief. We keep thinking how unfair, and how our Lord could allow this to be, To give such power to the Thief. Yet we know in our heart, that God is in control, and He has a plan for all of us. We are Thankful to have had you for such a short time. It does seem to be unjust. We know that you have played the Game and ran the Race, and now you see Him face to face. We do Believe, and we do have Hope, that we will see you soon. This is no joke. God’s Love is real. He gave His Son He came to die, so we can live in Eternity with you and He.

Billy Boy you lived and loved and gave us Joy. It has been eight months since that fateful night. Eight months closer to seeing God and you and knowing He was right. Although a piece of us has died with you, Our Lord will see us through. For He has gone to prepare us a Place, in Heaven to be with you. And we Praise Him for all things Even things that make us cry, We will understand, in the by and by. We know that He used you in His Plan, to make a change in His Church. That the Thief and his work will be revealed. That Christ has Victory over death and Eternal Life is ours to rest. After we have Run the Race, Then we will receive the Prize, And see Him face to face. We give Him Thanks for using us To give our son to die that fateful night. To change His Church to make it right We give Him Praise for you.

Billy Boy you lived and loved and gave us joy. We love and miss you Billy. (My #1 Grandson) From Grammy

Written by Joyce Gaines DeGrange Feb.17, 2004


Sometimes I wonder where you are today.
Playing your heart out at the next level I’m sure.
I hope the field is green and the breeze just right.
I know you’re out there leading a very lucky new team.

Sometimes I wonder if you’re doing all right.
Then I remember and start to smile.
Your inner strength was like the force itself.
You never allowed yourself to acknowledge pain.

Sometimes I wonder if you miss us as much as we all miss you.
I quickly dismiss that thought because you never let me forget that you cared.
You could brighten my day in an instant.
And you will shine on my life forever.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s you just behind me.
But there’s no one when I turn around.
So I close my eyes and take a few breaths.
Then I feel you there as always, right by my side.

Sometimes I wonder why you went away.
We had so much left to share.
That crooked grin was a light I can’t replace.
Still I can feel your strong arm around my shoulders, guiding me through the dark.

Sometimes I wonder if you will answer me when I call out your name.
I know you can hear me and I become frustrated when you don’t reply.
Then you acknowledge me with a gentle breeze across my face.
And I know it is the best you can do.

Sometime I think the tears might never stop.
But I know you’re there when I grin for no reason instead.
Your courage transcends simple life.
There’s no way I’ll let your memory end.

Sometimes I can’t believe this is real.
Nothing can ever really be the same.
Yet always I feel watched over now.
By my teammate, my friend, my brother.

Fly on Billy.
By friend Travis Sheets (Read at memorial service)


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